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The best way is to contact me @ 785-78THREE-447three  to get the package details that fit your needs and dreams.

- Being a client you will receive high resolution edited .jpg images through a private online gallery.

- You are free to print, copy, and share your images.

- A minimum of 10 days needed from the event day to get the pictures back, although I'll will try my best to get those back within that time frame.

 - Will provide an online gallery for you and your guests to enjoy (with password protection).

 - Will host your gallery at no cost for 6 months  after posting.

- Pets are welcome for outdoor photography or at your home / preferred location :-)

In general I have packages for the following events:

- Arangetrams

- Rangapravesams

- Wedding / Engagement

- Birthday Parties

- Voni / Dhoti Ceremonies

- Graduation Parties

- Annual Recitals

- Baby Shower

- Family Portraits

- Fashion Portraits